Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for Bio fuels

The modern world is focusing towards Energy transition as well as Decarbonization. In developing countries like India, the demand for energy is rapidly growing and the fossil resources are depleting which has become a great challenge. To overcome this challenge and to contribute towards national objective of Energy transition, Government of India is encouraging production of Bio Fuels like Ethanol, targeting self-sufficiency in energy and reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Bio-fuel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger:

Bio-Fuel can be used as fuel directly or blended with fossil fuels which will reduce the emission and dependency on fossil fuels as well. Bio-Fuels like Ethanol have higher Octane number compared to that of Gasoline/Petrol and burns completely inside the Engine cylinder contributing towards lower emission.


Bio-Fuel Production depends on the utilization of a novel sulfur-free bio-solvent, which is a closed loop cycle of bio-solvent and water, preventing the wastage. As the bio-solvent is totally recoverable and the cycle requires a low degree of chemical input, this process is excellent in terms of Cost savings with higher sustainability.


Precision Equipments builds finest Bio Fuel Heat Exchanger equipment for cooling, and reheating process, and / or exhaust gas or flue gas coolers and condensers. Here are some for the following industries we serve:

  1. Biodiesel
  2. Bioethanol
  3. Biogas
  4. Production industries and more.

The major benefits of Bio-Fuels Heat Exchanger is listed below,

  1. Reduces Co2 Emissions which contributes towards global goal of Decarbonization.
  2. By products of bio-Fuel production is bio-chemicals which will reduce Environmental impact.
  3. In comparison with fossil fuels, Bio-Fuels production has less chemical process and generates more energy.
  4. This process is not food based which will not have impact on human habitation.

Heat Exchangers play a vital role in Bio-Fuel Production in the areas of Pre-treatment, Fermentation, Distillation and Dehydration to Stillage Dewatering and Evaporation.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for Bio fuels are used in the above process are designed to handle Hazardous fluids viz Bio-Solvents, Furfural etc., and constructed of critical materials such as Duplex, Super Duplex Stainless Steels & Non-Ferrous. Majority of the Exchangers are Fixed Tube-sheet Exchangers and some with Thick Wall Expansion bellows for critical operating conditions.

Precision Equipments, the pioneer in the field of manufacturing & supply of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for Bio fuels since 1981 was established with a clear vision to provide end to end solutions to their customers in the process industry such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Chemical, Power Plants, Nuclear & LNG Terminals. We have successful past record in supplying the Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for the Bio-Fuel Production process designed to International codes and Standards viz., ASME, API & TEMA as well as clients project specifications under strict Quality Control. Through this experience Precision Equipments is confident to continuously provide Heat Exchangers of High quality and performance for such national important projects.

We have various range of bio fuels solutions to solve your requirements. Feel free to contact us for Bio fuel treatment systems.