Heat Exchanger for Green Energy

Renewable Green Energy is Takeover the Future

Energy is required for the world to operate. The Energy is the key for growth in today’s modern society. Energy generated from natural resources like sunlight, wind or water will be called as Green energy. With green energy, we can replace the negative effects of non-renewable energy resources. As it is produced from natural resources, it is clean, renewable and readily available to use with zero or very low emission rates.


The blend of expanding overall demand for energy, decreasing supplies of petroleum derivatives and the need to lessen the dangers of environmental change are behind an upsurge in renewable energy for generating power. With heating and cooling limits higher than how much power expected to work them, heat pumps are a very useful and environmentally-friendly and financially savvy option in contrast to conventional heating and cooling process.


Heat pumps utilize thermal energy from air or various soil levels to heat structures. The energy is transfer by various heat exchangers in a refrigerant cycle, to a temperature level which is utilized to condition normal. We offer a wide scope of shell and tube heat exchangers for the capacity of energy in solar thermal power stations, plate heat exchanger gives the solutions for geothermal power generation and air coolers for wind and biomass power plants. Whatever the renewable green energy source, Precision Equipments have the right heat exchanger.

Organic Rankine Cycle - Heat Exchanger for Green Energy:

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), vaporizes high molecular organic fluid instead of using water vapour as in a traditional steam turbine. This single difference hands over a major advantage for ORC in the form of excellent electric performance, slower turbine rotation, prevention of metallic parts from erosion. The ORC unit is easily transportable as it is pre-assembled on to a number of skids. Green energy resources coupled with recovered heat from industrial processes can be used for combined generation of both electric power and heat with ORC generators.

The most promising applications of ORC technology are in the following fields.

Waste Heat Recovery : Being one of the most important development field, ORC can be applied in power plants such as for small scale cogeneration plant in a domestic water heater, agro based processes such as fermentation, flue-gas condensation, inter-cooling of compressor, condenser of a power cycle, cement industries (for furnaces), vehicle exhaust gases, etc.

Biomass Power Plant : Generating electricity from Biomass for small to medium sized power plants is a small step towards sustainable development. Unlike normal steam and other working fluids, using bio mass eliminates the risk of component erosion and corrosion.

Geothermal Plants : Since ages, Geothermal energy has been used for bathing in hot springs. This can be utilised to turn turbines in place of steam and produce electricity by ORC technology. In general, most of the geo thermal heat sources have a temperature range of  50°C to 350°C. This makes it perfect for ORC. But, if the heat source temperature is less than 100°C, then the efficiency of ORC falls to very low and it has to depend upon the heat sink temperature.

Solar Thermal Power : ORC can replace the common Steam Rankine Cycle in Solar Parabolic trough Technology. Low cost and small scale decentralized units are possible by using ORC with lower capacity energy generation. 70% of instantaneous electricity generation can be recovered on demand with ORC enabled hybrid systems with thermal energy storage. This can serve as effective alternative for other electric storage units.

Geothermal plants use geothermal brine which contains lethal substance like H2S, Amines etc, where selection of metallurgy plays a vital role. Precision Equipments has vast experience in supplying Heat exchangers for green energy & production and also supplied Large Duplex stainless steel Heat exchangers for geothermal Power plants which runs on Organic Rankine Cycle.


Is your company is involved in Green energy?

We can thus be your partner for the heat exchange component of your green energy solutions. Precision Equipments is the heat exchange authority you can trust, with decades of experience in this manufacturing industry and a complete dedication to the future sources of renewable green energy.


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