Helical Baffle Heat Exchangers

Helical Baffle Heat Exchangers

TT Bitumen Cooler

Equipment : TT Bitumen Cooler
Size : ID 1133mm x 8110mm Long.
Material : CS (SA 516 Gr.70N)
Weight : 7.9 MT

Application of Helical baffle Exchangers:

These Heat Exchangers are used for higher Thermal efficiency with less fouling in the Process plants for a wide range of Heat duties and Temperatures & Pressures.

Design and Constructional Features: The Exchangers are a modification of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers with change in Baffle configuration from Plate Type vertical segmental to inclined type Segmental Quadrants and arranged in a Helix form to the Tube axis along the bundle. They cause nearly a Plug Flow of Shell side Fluid in a Helically Rotational pattern instead of cross flow thus improving the Heat Transfer efficiency.

Tube holes in the baffles are specially drilled inclinedly to an angle to the vertical axis which form a Helix angle when the Baffles are assembled along the Tube Bundle.

Tubes are supported by the baffles effectively against Flow induced Vibrations.

Thermal Design and Rating of the Exchangers is checked when required, in accordance with Licensed HTRI-USA methods. Mechanical Designs are in accordance with International and National Codes and Standards such as ASME Section VIII Div 1&2, TEMA, API 660, IBR as well as to the specific project specifications.

Materials of construction include Carbon Steels, Low Alloy Steels, High Alloy Stainless Steels, etc. as per the fluid conditions handled in the Exchangers.

The Exchangers are custom built to specified Process conditions.

PECPL Capabilities

All the Design & Engineering and Work Shop facilities at PECPL as in the case of Shell & Tube heat Exchangers are well suitable for this product also. These Exchangers are taken up as Special Product in addition to conventional Shell & Tube Heat exchangers.

These are generally of patented designs as Helixchangers and a Partnership is taken for the Design and Manufacture.

    • TEMA Type Heat Exchangers
    • High Pressure Exchangers
    • Helix type Heat Exchangers
    • Re-boilers
    • Sulfur Condensers
    • Refrigerant condensers
    • Vacuum condensers
    • Evaporators
    • Vacuum Pre-Concentrators
    • Tubular Heat Exchanger
    • Titanium Heat Exchanger
    • Ejector Condensers
    • Pipe-in-pipe (Double Pipe) Heat Exchangers
    • Hair Pin Exchangers
    • Rod Baffle Exchangers
    • Helical Baffle Heat Exchangers
    • Falling Film Evaporators
    • Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers
    • Steam Drums and Super Heaters
    • Urea Reactors
    • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
    • Carbamate Condensers
    • Urea Strippers
    • Ammonia Converters
    • CO2 Absorbers
    • Regenerators
    • HP / LP Flash Drums
    • Boiler Feed Water Pre-Heaters
    • Air Cooled Condensers
    • Cryogenic Shell & Tube Exchangers / Vaporizers
    • Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger