Plate And Shell Heat Exchangers

Plate And Shell Heat Exchanger - Precision Equipments

Applications of Plate and Shell Heat Exchange

Plate & Shell heat exchanges consist of circular plates with laser-made welds that form flow channels for efficient counter-current heat transfer. It is significant to note that plate and shell heat exchanges are capable of meeting almost all operating conditions as that of conventional shell & tube heat exchanges. Therefore, it can cover a broad range of applications.

These Exchanges are used,

  • In oil & gas and other process industries.
  • For both low and high-pressure systems (up to 400 bar).
  • To handle extreme temperature ranges from very low to high (from -200 to +550oC).
  • For fluids with high viscosity, such as crude oil (up to 8.000 mPa s at 15oC).
  • To offer high heat transfer capacity, reaching up to 100 MW of thermal power

Design and Constructional Features

These heat exchangers employ a Plate & Shell configuration, where circular plates are arranged as a pack to form flow channels. The warm and cool streams flow through alternate channels, promoting efficient heat transfer in a counter-current manner. The plate channels are separated by highly reliable laser-made welds, ensuring structural integrity. Ports integrated into the plate pack facilitate a streamlined flow of fluids. These heat exchangers are constructed using materials such as stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 347) and titanium for specific requirements.
With their compact design, they optimize space utilization while delivering reliable heat transfer performance.
Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers find versatile applications in various industries and operating conditions, making them a preferred choice for industrial processes, power generation, and HVAC applications.


Precision Equipments, in partnership with German company GESMEX, specializes in being the Plate and Shell heat exchanger manufacturer and supplier. With our expertise, we excel in manufacturing the shell and completing the final assembly at our Chennai facility, while GESMEX focuses on their core competency of plate assembly, ensuring high-quality products. The Plate & Shell configuration, offered by Precision Equipments, provides significant advantages over conventional Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

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